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Paracord Rhythm Beads

Paracord Rhythm Beads

Made from Paracord, containing 7 strands ofinner nylon. Paracord is water and damp resistant, and is able to be handwashed with soap. The ends of the cord are burned to prevent fraying.

🐴🦄💍💠 Hand made/Home made equine rhythm beads 💠💍🦄🐴

What? History and inspiration from Native American designs; traditionallyused for protection, luck and to show status or achievement. Traditionalmaterials included feathers, wood and bones; my designs use modern materialsbut with fun, lightweight charms.

Why? Use in modern equestrianism to calm "spooky" horses whofocus on the sounds and rhythm of the beads and bells rather than externalfactors, keep a consistent gait or warn others of your presence when hacking orendurance riding, listen for changes in gait and stride whilst schooling andjumping and to encourage speed during pony games or barrel racing.

The bells jingle against the beads and make a gentle sound; it is recommendedthat your horse be desensitised to the product in a safe/familiar environment.

They also make a great gift for your equine or human friends!

Each design is unique, but will include acrylic pony beads and craft bells . The paracord is 2mm with an adjustable sliding knot fastening, meaning our Rhythm Beads are fully adjustable; perfect for if you have more than one horse!

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