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Along with our products being WRAP Okeo-Tex, SEDEX Global certified or PETA vegan approved, our sustainability pledge means that we keep low stock, sell to you at the lowest cost and have low waste by ordering or making products only when necessary.
If your chosen item is out of stock in your preferred size or colour; please get in touch to order at no extra cost.

We can discuss any customisation or personalisation that you require and commission a bespoke piece of paracord tack, a personalised jumper or saddle pad, team tops for fun rides etc.
If you have any questions, or wish to order an item, please contact via, Facebook or Instagram

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT OUR ITEMS ARE HAND MADE AND NOT MASS PRODUCED. THEREFORE, ALTHOUGH ALL EFFORTS ARE MADE TO MATCH DESIGN ACROSS LIKE PRODUCTS, THERE MAY BE SLIGHT DIFFERENCES IN COLOUR OR PLACEMENT DUE TO HUMAN ERROR. There may also be slight differences in colour when a product arrives compared to online imagery, although all efforts are made to take photographs in natural light and without editing. 

Before washing, always look at the care label and carefully follow the instructions.

When the garment is washed accordingly to the said temperature and dried as per instructions, it will wash well and look good after each wash. 


Close zips, undo buttons, check pockets 

Do not overload the washing machine 

Use the correct amount of a good quality detergent 

Printed Clothing 

Wash garments inside out, at a low temperature

Do not dry clean 

Do not tumble dry 

Do not dry directly on to a heat source, e.g. radiator 

Iron inside out and avoid the printed area 

Originally utilised by the US Military in WWII, paracord is now utilised in commercial and personal use.

Unless stated, items are made with 550 paracord (also known as Paracord Type III), with 7 inner strands of nylon, and able to withstand 550lbs of pressure/static weight. When woven or braided, paracord becomes even stronger. It is approximately 4mm in diameter. Paracord is water and damp resistant, and is able to be handwashed with soap. The ends of the cord are burnt to prevent fraying.

Rhythm Beads will be made with Paracord Type I due to the thickness of the cord, approx 1.6mm. 

- Wash in high temperatures
- Use bleach or strong chemicals
- Let animals chew the cord
- Use caution around flames; paracord is flammable
- Leave outside for long periods of rain/wet conditions
- Use a gentle detergent or hand/dish soap
- Use baking soda or similar if you have a stubborn stain to scrub
- Dry outside; be mindful that direct/harsh sunlight may cause a loss of colour
- Store in a cool, dry place
- The first time paracord gets wet it can shrink by up to 1/4 inch per strand; it will not shrink again
- Wash with a small amount of citronella or other essential oil; this removes oil/grease, leaves a great scent and can also be used as an insect repellent

What? History and inspiration from Native American designs; traditionally used for protection, luck and to show status or achievement. Traditional materials included feathers, wood and bones; my designs use modern materials but with fun, lightweight charms. 

Why? Use in modern equestrianism to calm "spooky" horses who focus on the sounds and rhythm of the beads and bells rather than external factors, keep a consistent gait or warn others of your presence when hacking or endurance riding, listen for changes in gait and stride whilst schooling and jumping and to encourage speed during pony games or barrel racing.

The bells jingle against the beads and make a gentle sound; it is recommended that your horse be desensitised to the product in a safe/familiar environment. 

Design. Customised to your own colours and design.
Additional items include small charms, feathers, tassles or contact for a bespoke item.

Cost. Starting price is £18 for a customised design, with one additional item as a focal point to the beads. 

Black – Drama, Bold, Serious, Bold, Mystery, Night, Death, Evil – Used to hide feelings, intimidate, create fear and associate with mystery

Red – Love, Energy, Heat, Power, Passion, Rich, Strength, Danger, Warning – Used to stimulate, create urgency, draw attention, and encourage

Orange – Courage, Confidence, Friendly, Successful, Speed, Spontaneous – Used to stimulate, communicate fun, express freedom and fascinate

Yellow – Bright, Energetic, Sun, Creativity, Positive, Intelligent, Happy, Unstable – Used to relax, awake awareness, energize and affect mood

Green – Wealth, Growth, Fertile, Fresh, Soothing, Envy, Guilt – Used to relax, balance, revitalize and encourage

Turquoise – Spiritual, Healing, Serene, Water, Protection, Sophistication, Feminine

Blue – Tranquil, Loyal, Secure, Trusting, Dignified, Content, Cold, Masculine – Used to reduce stress, create calm, and relax

Purple – Royal, Noble, Luxurious, Ambitious, Sentimental, Nostalgic, Moody – Used to inspire, combine wisdom and impress with luxury

Pink – Compassion, Sweet, Exciting, Flirtatious, Romantic, Innocent, Youthful, Playful, Weak – Used to communicate energy, increase pulse, motivate action and fascinate

Tan/Beige – Dependable, Flexible, Conservative

Brown – Earth, Outdoors, Longevity, Wholesome – Used to suppressemotions, create warmth and imply common sense

Gray – Secure, Reliable, Responsible, Logical, Solid, Gloomy – Used to depress energy, communicate and mature

White – Goodness, Innocent, Pure, Fresh, Clean, Faith

Ivory/Cream – Classic, Soft, Comforting, Natural

Gold – Historic, Rich, Traditional, Expensive, Valuable

Silver – Sleek, Modern, Classic

Standard Colour Chart.PNG


Standard Colour Chart

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