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A horse lover since riding donkeys on holiday in 1988, and the joy of first riding lessons in 1989, I've been riding for pleasure for most of my life. I've been fortunate to have experienced hacking all over the UK, from the Midlands where I am based, up in to the Peak District, East and West coasts, the Lakes, Wales; we have such beautiful and ever-changing scenery at home! Supportive family has meant I've been able to "pop out" to Mallorca, Menorca and some salt lakes of mainland Spain for a horsey fix on family holidays. I've also experimented with Western riding in the UK, New York state, Oklahoma and my ultimate favourite, Colorado. My top lifetime adventures are trekking across the Jordanian desert and a winter ride in Romania. 

In recent years "adult life" seems to have caught up with me, after being injured on duty in the emergency services in 2016, I have persistent back pain; although this did little to stop me enjoying time with beloved loan pony, Lillie. Entering my first gymkhana (ever, not just as an adult!) and winning rosettes, along with a "girly night away" to the countryside with her in the field next to my wooden cabin are the highlights of our time together. Sadly, the loss of her unexpectedly at the end of 2018 along with a diagnosis of a neuropathic condition for myself, brought on by the physical trauma of the incident at work hit me rather hard. It was during the middle of 2019, when I was getting to know Apache, my chunky cob, that I started JingleCobs... 

Apache, a riding school cob through and through, and so very different from my push-button pony, Lillie, was teaching me so many things but he was nervous hacking alone. I read about Rhythm Beads, and decided to make some to assist with hacking and schooling on our own. The yard I've been loyal to since I was 6 proved its worth once more, as people saw us with our beautiful beaded designs and heard us jingling with our bells, and wanted me to make them some. Making them kept my hands nice and busy, and stirred up some long-lost creativity! I experimented with paracord; beginning with neckropes and browbands and making my first full bridle at the start of 2020. 

Enter 2020, what a year... A week in to "lockdown" I was further diagnosed with M.E. or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The quieter pace of life during that awful period for so many people, allowed me some quiet reflection; and to think about the future. I still work full-time but my health causes me to worry about the future. So, I've taken a leap of faith, and begun to develop the Fern Equine brand... 

My principal goal with Fern Equine is to continue handmaking the JingleCobs range of paracord tack and Rhythm Beads, however, health and well-being are so important in this modern world and I think us equestrians sometimes forget about ourselves as we pander to our horses' needs. Hence the development of a small range of bath salts, perfect for alleviating aches and pains from being in the sadddle; in fragrances that tie in with our horse world. 

Also in development are the clothing range; the independent brand of Fern Equine. The main purpose of the brand is to develop sporty rider apparel for the active equestrian, with cost, comfort and durability along with Safe Hacking qualities being paramount. 

That's a little about Fern Equine, and how we came to be... Please contact with any questions and enjoy looking at the products. 

*2022 UPDATE*

Fern Equine has gone from strength to strength; now with a wide variety of rider clothing and horse wear of fantastic, unique designs.

I am still managing to work in my "real job" part-time, despite further complications from my conditions; however, I am truly excited to develop the brand further.

Following us on social media will also allow you to see the fantastic team of Sponsored Riders and Influencers. Oh, and a certain patchy ponly called JJ, whom I am now proud to call my very own!

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