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Liberty PPM Neck Rope

Liberty PPM Neck Rope

A neck rope to aid natural horsemanship, groundwork and tackless riding.

Help build a great relationship with your horse, with light pressure training via the neck rope.

A word of caution - Bridleless riding is an advanced technique and should only be researched with an experienced trainer prior to attempting. Please use common sense and ride to your abilities.

It is recommended that you measure your horse prior to ordering. The Cordeo should sit from the V of your horse’s neck up to the withers.


With a fine 32 strands woven sheath and supple inner core this rope has a premium appearance; silky, shiny and smooth surface.

PP Multicords are highly valued thanks to their low weight, weather resistance, high breaking load, excellent knotability and universal range of applications.


Double braided

Polypropylene Multifilament


Resistant to mildew and rot

The PPM cord will be sealed via a whipping knot of paracord; with the ends frayed to produce an aesthetically pleasing design.

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