NHS Charity Rainbows Collection

NHS Charity Rainbows Collection

🌈Rainbows Collection🌈

Paracord Oh Shoot Strap £18 - £2.50 donation 
ParacordBrowband £12 - £2.50 donation 
Full set £27, with full £5 donation
Available in Rainbow or Rockstar 
PPM Neck Rope £17 - £2.50 donation 

Donations will be made to NHS Charities Together 

🌈Paracord Oh Shoot Strap 
Having a difficult time in the saddle lately? Young or novice horse? Horse a bit flighty? Are you inexperienced or lacking confidence? Are you a young rider and need some extra support or balance? Maybe you’re back in the saddle after a short break? Or are you giving natural horsemanship a go, taking a break from your tack?
If you have an OH SHOOT moment, you don’t want to pull on your horse’s mouth with the reins, but you will automatically be looking for some support and steadiness. This neck strap can help you feel more secure and safe, if you have a slight wobble.

🌈Paracord browband 
Cobra weave 
Looped ends to slide on to bridle 
Length will be listed in the options; the shortest length is to the end of the weave and the longest length is to the end of the loops 

Made from Paracord, containing 7 strands of inner nylon. Paracord is water and damp resistant, and is able to be handwashed with soap. The ends of the cord are burned to prevent fraying. It