Tired Equestrian Well-being Range

Tired Equestrian Well-being Range


3 luxurious essences to choose from
🧡ENERGISING - Lemon, orange and rosemary🧡
💚MUSCLE and JOINT PAIN - Lemongrass, peppermint, eucalyptus and black pepper💚
💗CALMING - Geranium, lavender and rose💗

🛁A mixture of COARSE DEAD SEA SALT, EPSOM SALT and SODIUM; bath salts have a multitude of benefits... Stress relief, easing aching muscles/joints, softening skin, combating fatigue, promoting better sleep, detoxifying skin and improving blood circulation.
60% of what we place on our skin is absorbed; bath salts are a simplistic and soothing way for nutrients to enter the body.🛁
100ml tin, 80grams

🌱This muscle rub recipe uses only basic ingredients plus a blend of essential oils to help relax tense muscles. Not only can the oils penetrate deep below the skin to relieve pain, swelling and tension, but massage can also help work out knots and quickly release tension. The subtle heating-and-cooling power of this rub helps minor aches fade away!

🔥Warming essential oils
Clove - Reduces pain and is a natural antiviral
Cinnamon - Eases and nourishes dry skin, whilst loosening muscles and joints

❄️Cooling essential oils
Lavender - Calms the body, reduces irritation, aids relaxation and promotes blood circulation
Rosemary - Relieves aches, pains and inflammation and improves mental focus 

🥥🥜Coconut oil and Almond oil - The mixture can appear greasy, but massage deep in to the skin and a little goes a long way! Both oils assist with moisturising skin, healing wounds and have anti-inflammatory properties.

🐝Beeswax - High in vitamin A, supporting cell reconstruction.
🍊Orange and Mandarin 
This blend of essential oils is subtle yet tangy and provides a unique, relaxing and lasting scent. The earthy, musky sandalwood fragrance is linked with spiritual meditation rituals. For horses, sandalwood has historically been used to relieve psychological stress. Mandarin oil is extremely uplifting, while orange oil is cheerful yet relaxing; both will freshen the air but might make your horse think there is a tasty snack close by!