Good morning, and thank you for registering your interest in the new LUXE COLLECTION from FERN EQUINE.

The initial roll out will feature a small number of the following items in navy and black:

🌿Wicking Polo Shirts

🌿Wicking T’Shirts

🌿Hat Silks

🌿Chunky Beanie Hats

🌿Cropped Jumper

These are currently being branded and will be hitting the website soon!

Also featured will be:

🌿Limited Edition Cool-Flex Performance Training Top (Long Sleeved)


Feminine fit: S UK10, M UK12, L UK14

Close unisex fit: S 37-39inch, M 39-41inch


To reserve a Limited Edition Performance Top at 12% off, please reply to this email.

Alternatively, when the items are on sale via the website, please use EMAILSUBS10 as a code to take 10% off the LUXE COLLECTION.

It is our intention to feature further items on the website in the future, all branded with the luxurious rose gold fern of FERN EQUINE:

🌿Premier Equine GP Saddle Pad; available in navy or black, size Pony/Cob or Cob/Full - £34

🌿Cool-Flex Performance Training Top in silver/grey - £40

There are extremely limited supplies of this item with the manufacturer, currently only in sizes UK12, UK14 or 37-39inch, 43-45inch or 45-48 inch

🌿Cool-Flex Performance Training Top in navy - £40

If your size is not listed in the initial rollout, it can also be ordered in sizes XS UK8, XL UK16, 41-43inch, 43-45inch, 45-48inch

These items can be pre-ordered and pre-paid for now, with 15% off. The current closing date for this offer is Saturday 06/02/2021.

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